Art & illustration cafe “SOUSAKU KUKAN CAFE ATELIER”|English Menu

Welcome to our illustration cafe atelier!


Time charge

500 yen for the first hour, 800/900 yen for each additional hour.

Weekday / Weekend & Holiday price

1h 500 yen

2h 1300/1400 yen

3h 2100/2300 yen

4h 2900/3200 yen

Special time 3000/3500 yen
(You can stay as long as you want from open to close.)

The hourly price includes

  1. all-you-can-drink drinks
  2. art supplies & materials
  3. Using chargers and Wi-Fi

We have a lot of art materials! You can use all of these.

You can have these teas, herb teas, and a coffee for free refill.

Additional charges

  1. Food
  2. Can drinks(Coke, Orange juice, Ginger ale, Melon Soda) 100yen
  3. Hand drip coffee 100yen
  4. Calpis 100yen
  5. Onion soup 100yen


We recommend Art pancake for you. Because you can paint on pancake with colored creams and chocolate pen.

This is so fun!!! Let’ try:)


  1. If you exceed this time by more than 5 minutes, it will cost 200 yen for 10 minutes.
  2. If you would like to extend your art time, please be sure to let us know before this time has passed.
  3. After using art supplies and tools, please put them back where they were.


※If your Google Calendar is not reflected correctly, please view it from the “Google Chorme” app. (There may be bugs in Safari.)

Mon, Thu, Fri 12pm〜6pm

Tue, Wed 12pm〜4pm

Sat, Sun, Holiday 11am〜6pm

Last orders are 1 hour before closing.


Google MAP


South Kato Building 3F
3-4-15 Chuo-ku, Minamikyuhouji-cho
Osaka-City, Osaka Pref.

The nearest station exit

  • Honmachi Station
    Exit No.11 or 12
    5 minutes on foot
  • Shinsaibashi Station
    Exit No.1
    7 minutes on foot
  • Sakaisuji-honmachi Station
    Exit No.11
    8 minutes on foot
  • Nagahoribashi Station
    Exit No.2-B
    13 minutes on foot

Each stations are Osaka metro.

How to find us

It’s difficult to find the door  to enter the building.
🔻 First, look for the drug store “SUNDRUG” in Shinsaibashi shopping street.🔻There is an entrance to the building between the shutter and the SUNDRUG.🔻Enter through this glass door.
The door is a little heavy, so be careful not to get your hands or feet caught.

🔻Go the long hallway and you’ll see an elevator at the end.🔻Please exit the elevator on the second floor and enter through this white door.*This door has a lock that can be easily removed to prevent children from entering without permission. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please unlock and enter the store yourself.